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About Me

I am an interdisciplinary professional working in the intersection of analytics, product, and digital business driven by passion for anything digital, user research, and storytelling. In my professional life I enjoy solving business problems by creating data-informed solutions and explaining complicated concepts in simple words in order to improve the performance of digital products. Outside work I enjoy staying active (Swimming, Tai Chi), making music, travelling, and photography.

I invite you to take a look at some of the projects I've been involved with in recent years, including data visualizations, published articles, and hackathon competitions where I created digital products.

Domains I've Worked In

Software as a Service (SaaS) - Currently working here


Loyalty Marketing


Published Articles

Being a life-long learner, I always explore new topics around innovation, technology, and data and contribute fresh content that synthesizes my previous professional experience with my new knowledge. You can find my posts on 7wdata. Here are some recent posts.

How Do We Work From Home?

Independent research conducted by me on working from home during COVID-19

Understanding the Monetary Value of Data - Most Recent Article

Data Curation Can Learn From Art Curation

Excuse me, do you speak data?

Why do some organizations fail to adopt a product approach in analytics?

The neglected side of AI ethics

SQL is the Lingua Franca of data practitioners. How can we make it better understood?

Data Visualization

I enjoy creating stories with data and I use different tools to achieve this goal. My tool of choice is Tableau and I am certified as Tableau Desktop Specialist.

My Tableau Public Profile

A visualization with Flourish

Expert Panels

Hackathon Competitions

We all know that practice makes perfect and that's why I enjoy joining hackathon competitions from time to time and work on solving a new challenges. Here are examples of some competitions I took part in:

  • SSENSE Hackathon # 1 - I lead a team of SMEs and developers to the 2nd place with a chatbot app for the customer experience team. Click here for an example of a recent chatbot app I built
  • SSENSE Hackathon # 2 - The team I was part of built a tool for stylists that showed where fashion styles are popular around the world
  • Desjardins Cooperathon - The team I was part of made it to the list of finalists in the smart city category with an MVP of a city quest game
  • VSW Hackathon - The team I was part of built an MVP of an app called BrandIt that helps marketers evaluate brand names quickly
  • OpenDataBC Hackathon - The team I was part of worked on an app that allows the residents of Vancouver, BC to find public parks nearby

Interesting Courses I have Taken Recently

Digital Product Management (Coursera)

Build Your Own Chatbot (cognitiveclass.ai)

Data Analysis and Interpretation Specialization (Coursera)

Fast-start Usability Testing and UX Reseaerch (Udemy)

Contact Me

Interested in getting in touch? Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn , Twitter, or by email at yaroncnk@gmail.com